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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Sales apply to and are deemed to be part of all proposals, quotations, offers, tenders and contracts relating to the supply of goods/services by Office Formation.

1.    Definitions of Terms and Conditions

"We", "Us", "Our" or "the Company" shall mean Office Formation.

"You", "Your", "Client" or "the Customer" shall means the person, firm, company, organisation to whom the contract is concluded.

"Client Representative" means any person authorised by the client to act on its behalf in connection with Office Formation work at the client’s premises.

"Contract" means a written agreement relating to the supply of goods and/or services that has been agreed and confirmed by both Office Formation and the client.

"Goods" shall mean any office furniture, equipment or associated goods offered for sale or supply by the company.

"Services" shall mean the provision of any relocation, refurbishment or associated services offered for sale, rental or supply by the company.

"Deliverable" means all or an agreed part of the goods and/or services specified in the contract.

"Practical Completion" means that point in time recognised in law, when Office Formation has delivered a deliverable in accordance with the Contract and arrangements to clear any outstanding snags have been made with the client.

"Proposal" means an invitation to treat based on Office Formation current understanding of the clients proposal.

"Purchase Order" means a purchase order that embodies these Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale issued by the client and accepted in writing by Office Formation as part of a contract.

"Quotation" means a written invitation to treat signed by Office Formation. Prices are intended to be valid for 30 days but are subject to change without notice.

"Scope of Work" means a summary of the goods and/or services, which will be supplied by Office Formation subject to contract and as, agreed by the client.

"Snag" means a defect, error or omission relating to a deliverable that does not materially impact on the Clients ability to have beneficial use of that Deliverable.

"Specification" means a part of a Proposal, Quotation or Contract that defines a Deliverable.

"Sub-Contractor" means a third party who supplies goods or services to or on behalf of Office Formation.
2.    Terms and Conditions

1.    2.1. These conditions set out the only conditions of which the company is prepared to enter into a contract with you
2.    2.2. the conditions will supersede and apply to the complete exclusion of any other terms or conditions
3.    2.3. These may not be varied or amended without written agreement and consent by a Director of Office Formation
3.    Termination of Contracts/Orders/Deliveries

1.    3.1. Either party may terminate the contract with immediate effect by written notice to the other party if: 
1.    3.1.1. The other party commits a material breach of the contract and does not remedy the breach with in 20 days of written notice of the breach being given by the non-defaulting party
2.    3.1.2. An order is made for the dissolution or winding up of the other party except for the purposes of amalgamation, merger or reconstruction
3.    3.1.3. The other party becomes insolvent or makes any special arrangements for the benefit of its creditors, or is the subject of a voluntary or involuntary filing under the insolvency or bankruptcy laws of any jurisdiction
4.    Prices and Payment Terms

1.    4.1. Prices may be included in a contract by reference to a quotation or purchase order that has been accepted by Office Formation
2.    4.2. Office Formation will invoice Clients for all outstanding amounts in accordance with the contract
3.    4.3. VAT will be added to all quoted prices and invoiced amounts at the appropriate rates
4.    4.4. Unless agreed otherwise, 50% of payment must be received by Office Formation Ltd prior to delivery
5.    4.5. The total of all sums invoiced to you must be paid within 30 calendar days of delivery
6.    4.6. Legal Title of the Goods and Services supplied will remain with Office Formation Ltd until such time as payment in full has been received.
7.    4.7. The Company reserves the right to charge interest on any outstanding balances after 30 days, a rate of 4% over the Bank of England base rate will be applied.
5.   Office Formation Responsibilities

1.    5.1 Office Formation will: 
1.    5.1.1 Fulfil its obligations under the relevant Construction, Design and Management regulations (CDM regulations)
2.    5.1.2 Supply, install and test each deliverable such that is complied with relevant Commercial Standards and in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work regulations.
3.    5.1.3 Give the client notice of any expected delays as soon as possible in delivering any deliverable
4.    5.1.4 Present each deliverable to the client for acceptance at Practical Completion and document agreed actions to resolve outstanding Snags
5.    5.1.5 Clear all snags that were identified and documented prior to Practical Completion
6.    Clients' Responsibilities

1.    6.1 The client shall 
1.    6.1.1 Fulfil its obligations under relevant Construction, Design and Management regulations (CDM regulations) and in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work regulations.
2.    6.1.2 Give Office Formation and its subcontractors full and free access to premises and parking where possible
3.    6.1.3 Secure and protect the property of Office Formation and its subcontractors at the clients premises as it would its own property
4.    6.1.4 Give Office Formation notice of circumstances that are likely to impact uponOffice Formation ability to deliver, install and test a deliverable
5.    6.1.5 Accept each deliverable at Practical Completion and agreed reasonable actions to resolve outstanding snags
6.    6.1.6 Acknowledge the clearance of the Snags that were identified and documented prior to or at Practical completion
7.    Delivery and Installation

1.    7.1 All goods are delivered free of charge within the London area during normal working hours Monday to Friday.
2.    7.2 Assembly and installation take place at point of use at no extra cost
3.    7.3 Assembly excludes wiring cable management
4.    7.4 Exceptions: 
1.    7.4.1 Large safes and fire-resistant cabinets are installed at an extra cost when site is not on ground floor
8.    Delivery Conditions

1.    8.1 Installation site must be clear
2.    8.2 Where available please ensure lifts are in working condition for our installers
3.    8.3 Other work likely to cause interference is completed before installation (e.g. carpet fitting, decoration)
4.    8.4 Parking penalties will be passed onto the client at cost
9.    Wood Veneers and Finishes

1.    9.1 While Office Formation strive to achieve excellent colour matching, real wood veneer is a natural product and shade matching cannot be guaranteed
2.    9.2 Exposure to natural light will alter wood colour over a period of time
3.    9.3 Finishes shown on this website may have been altered in the publishing process and should therefore only be used as a guide
10.    Guarantee

1.    10.1 A number of products purchased from Office Formation carry a 5-year manufacturers guarantee - further details upon request. 
Registered Office: 75 Westow Hill, London. SE19 1TX
Company reg: 6853111

11.    The Laws of England & Wales shall govern all Contracts, however no Conditions shall prejudice any statutory rights of the buyer or seller.
Returns Policy

Office Formation is not under any obligation to take back, exchange or refund any goods that have been supplied to a purchaser's specification and that have been accepted and signed for by the purchaser or their representative. If goods have been supplied that contravene the confirmed purchase order these goods will be exchanged, refunded or removed at no charge by Office Formation.

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